Root your Xperia using RootKit Xperia

If you own a Sony Xperia device that has firmware which was released before August 2014 and you would like to root it then the best application out there is RootKit Xperia.


You might be looking to root your Xperia due to a few problems you are facing. These problems can include the constant message of system storage being full or your battery draining away even without you using the device much. These problems and much more can be fixed by rooting your device.

Features of rooting using RootKit Xperia

  1. Improve the performance of your device. After rooting you can boost up your device and make it faster.
  2. Clear and delete pre installed applications or bloatware as they are known. This will free up a lot of system memory and you will not be seeing the message of system storage being full again.
  3. Customize your Xperia using applications that you might otherwise not be allowed to download on your device.

About the Developer – RootKit Xperia has been developed by a Japanese Developer who goes by the name @cubeundcube. You can find him on Twitter. The root tool that he has developed uses two exploits. One of the exploits is the master key exploit and now after the update he uses CVE-2014-3153 which is the Towelroot exploit.

Rooting can void the warranty of your device therefore the Developers are not to blame for any problems you encounter. To learn more on RootKit Xperia visit this site.

How to root using RootKit Xperia?

Step One – Make sure to install ADB Drivers. You will need ADB drivers after rooting your device therefore it is recommended that you install it now. ADB drivers with PATH are not included with RootKit Xperia. To download ADB Drivers you can follow the instructions present in the following video.

Step Two – Enable USB Debugging. To do this follow the instructions shown in the below. Tap on Build No 7 times.

Now enable unknown sources in your device. This can be done by going to Settings ==> Security ==> Check the box next to Unknown Sources.

Step Three – Install RootKit Xperia on your PC. Extract the file and install it. Connect your device with your PC. Launch the application and follow the commands on the screen to root your device.

Step Four – If your device reboots and you see the message “All finished” it means rooting is complete. To check if your device has been rooted you can install the ROOT CHECKER app from Google Play and check.